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Because we are all young at heart!

We specialize in encapsulating the fleeting newborn state of the infant to create pictorial heirlooms and mementoes of a lifetime that can be passed down from generations. Our beautiful props, charming backdrops and creative presentations will be customized according to your taste.

We Let The Baby Inspire Us!

We strive to satisfy each client's expectations. Whether you want posed and studio styles baby photography or an instinctive, lifestyle shots, we aim to meet your high standards and match it with our incomparable professionalism. We respect our clients' wishes and pre-inspired poses that they have in mind, but we let the day fold organically, because we believe that the most impromptu and unplanned photos are the best ones. Let us capture the delightful yawning, the endearing smiles, and the bright eyes of your child to emphasize their best features.

Smile Baby Smile!

We take joy in hamming up our acting skills to elicit a reaction from your precious babies and toddlers. Our goofy and funny faces are the perfect tools to bring out the most radiant smile on your kid's face. We encourage parents to be an integral part of the baby photography experience by inviting them to coax out the perfect and most surreal expression on the infant's face that they especially reserve for their parents. Give us a chance to capture the true personality of your child. Our speedy and state-of-the-art photography equipment will capture perfect moments in the blink of an eye.

Fairytale Lighting

At Darius, we choose to photograph newborns and kids in natural lighting to highlight their soft complexions and angelic looks. The natural daylight will give the skin a soft focus, highlighting your baby's features. We also provide kids photography service and help them engage in activities to capture them in a comfortable and natural pose. Instilling the shots with interest and creating a precious memory is our aim. We don't believe in forcing smiles and friendliness, we let the children interact with the environment to capture their true beauty and individuality.

We Treasure Each Moment

As one of the best newborn photography service Melbourne has to offer, we treasure the dormant and sleepy time of your baby. We won't squander this precious, quiet time with your little one. Sleepy time means that it's the perfect opportunity for us to capture detailed shots. The surreal and pure expressions, when your baby is in the dreamland, will yield some of the most heartwarming images that will surpass your expectations. The sleeping beauty baby shots will be a gem in your baby album.

We Capture the Energy of Toddlers with Love and Skill

Your toddler or your baby's older sibling deserves some love too. We know that children are filled with sparking energy and excitement and can't sit for too long. We make it a priority to offer them a chance to play and look around and get comfortable with the environment, so they can participate whole heartedly to fill mom and dad's heart with love, pride and joy.

A Timeless Reminder of a Memorable Journey

Maternity photography is another passion of ours. We respect the soon-to-be mother's imagination and desires and add to the artistic flair and whimsical beauty of the photographs with customized backdrops and props, thus creating an artwork that you will treasure for years to come.

At Darius, we celebrate motherhood and let you be comfortable in your own skin by adorning you in the best light and enhancing your natural ethereal beauty that shines through the photographs. We will help you celebrate the bond that you share with your child and a reminder of a memorable journey through your pregnancy.

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